8 reasons why Bulgaria is Europe’s next big thing

Travel writer Robert Reid has long felt Bulgaria’s day as Europe’s next big travel destination was overdue. Here’s eight reasons why it’s coming soon. Bulgaria is the European gem many people are looking for. They just don’t know it yet.   Part of the draw is the beauty of this last stop of the former Soviet Bloc to the south. There,… Read more →

The Rhodope Mountains – a piece of heaven and a home of the ancient Thracians

The Rhodope Mountains are an attractive, magical place with their tranquility and open spaces. Whether you take the narrow rambling paths of the Western Rhodopes, winding between steep and majestic cliffs, or just wander around the soft green hills of the Eastern Rhodopes, your experience will definitely be enjoyable and memorable. Give yourself time to dive into the silence and… Read more →

Residence permits and how to apply for them

All foreign nationals, EU and non-EU, must apply for a residence permit if they wish to stay in Bulgaria for a period longer than 90 days. There are two types of residence permit issued to foreigners moving to Bulgaria: Long-Term Residence Permit – Issued for one year to non-EU citizens and for five years to EU citizens Permanent Residence Permit – Issued… Read more →

Visa, Entry and Stay in Bulgaria

General principles The legal status of foreign nationals in Bulgaria is governed by the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria, the Foreign Nationals in the Republic of Bulgaria Act (1998), the Regulation on the Application of the Foreign Nationals in the Republic of Bulgaria Act (2011), the Ordinance on the Terms and Procedure for Issuing Visas and Determination of the… Read more →

The Magic of Bozhentsi

The village of Bozhentsi is located 15 km to the east of the town of Gabrovo, 45 km to the south of Veliko Tarnovo and 218 km from Sofia International Airport. Nestled in the bosom of Central Balkan Mountain, the village keeps the spirit of the past centuries and impresses with its ancient architecture. In 1964 Bozhentsi was declared an… Read more →